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The Advisor

A quarterly economic newsletter that reflects on the most recent quarters news and gives our outlook going forward.

The Advisor for Fourth Quarter 2018

A look at the past quarter’s economic information including our views going forward

Market Insights

Must all good things come to an end?

As the market approaches year end, investors and pundits have renewed their focus on Federal Reserve (“Fed”) Chairman Jerome Powell. As volatility gripped markets throughout October, after Powell’s decidedly hawkish comments, more recent statements from the Fed have been enlightening.

Too Much Tech?

Tech, which has long been the darling of our current bull market, has had a series of unexpected misses in recent months.  What happens when these giants run out of room to grow?

Unintended Consequences

With Federal Reserve (Fed) officials continuing to raise short-term interest rates, ostensibly to normalize credit market conditions and to prevent the U.S. economy from “overheating,” struggles on the periphery could point to trouble for E.U. and U.S. economies.

Graduation Day

An overview of the changes to the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) will go into effect at the end of September 2018.

Meet in the Middle

The mid cap space offers a unique opportunity for investors. This overview of the space will get you up to speed on what companies make up the universe, the different indices, and its risk return history.

Trump’s Tariff Tweets

President Trump’s ‘tweets across the bow’ to major U.S. trading partners continue to raise concerns that a full blown “trade war” is brewing. However, as many have begun to understand, our somewhat unpredictable President actually has a large degree of predictability about him.

Implications Of The New Tax Law For Investors

The new tax law realigns the U.S. corporate tax with the rest of the developed world and could be the catalyst for continued market highs.

History Lesson?

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. We see this time as presenting a great opportunity for actively managed and proactive portfolios. While passive investing presents unique opportunities for investors downside protection should not be forgotten.

Data Insights

Fixed Income Sector Performance

A detailed look at the Fixed Income performance over the past decade, broken down by 13 sectors. Updated as of May 2018.

S&P 500 Sector Performance

A detailed look at the S&P 500 Index’s performance over the past decade, broken down by its 11 sectors.