FAMCO Covered Call


Started in 1997, the FAMCO Covered Call strategy seeks to produce equity-like returns with lower volatility and lower beta. The strategy invests in a diversified portfolio of approximately 30-50 domestic equity securities which are combined with an active covered call writing strategy on each individual equity holding. The option overlay strategy is optimized for each equity position and dynamically managed seeking to maximize call premium income while minimizing exercise risk. Actively managing both the equity holdings and the call option strategy aims to capture some upside appreciation potential during increasing markets and generates income that reduces risk exposure during declining markets.

FAMCO Covered Call Strategies
  • FAMCO Covered Call (FCC)
  • FAMCO At-the-Money (FATM)
  • FAMCO In-the-Money (FITM)

Investment Philosophy

The strategy seeks to offer attractive equity market returns with lower volatility than broad
market equity indices.

  • The strategy purchases equities.
  • Call options are written (sold) on those equities.

Portfolio Management

Wiley Angell

Chief Investment Officer, FAMCO Group, Senior Portfolio Manager

Sean Hughes, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager

Thomas Engle

Senior Portfolio Manager

Pamela Brown

Portfolio Manager, Senior Trader

Patricia Boyd

Senior Vice President, Client Service

Cristy Young

Vice President, Senior Trader

FAMCO Covered Call Benchmark: BXM Index & S&P 500 Inception Date: January 1, 1997 Investment Team: FAMCO Group

FAMCO In-the-Money Benchmark: BXM Index Inception Date: April 17, 2013 Investment Team: FAMCO Group