Large Cap Value Dividend Select


Large Cap Value Dividend Select invests in dividend paying stocks with market capitalization greater than $1 billion. The portfolio is managed with the dual objectives of outperforming the Russell 1000 Value Index and also producing a higher current yield than the benchmark index. The portfolio is well-diversified, with representation across all eleven of the major sectors comprising the U.S. equity market. The bottom-up security selection process seeks to invest in dividend-paying stocks that provide attractive fundamental value and demonstrate high-quality earnings growth relative to their sector peers.


The Large Cap Value Dividend Select style seeks to provide above-average dividend yields and diversification across major sectors of the Russell 1000 Value Index.

Portfolio Management

Donald Nesbitt, CFA

Chief Investment Officer — Select Equity Group, Senior Portfolio Manager

Christian Greiner, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager

Mark Burka, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager

Daniel Skubiz, CFA

Chief Investment Officer — MVP Group, Senior Portfolio Manager

Gary Hurlbut, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager

John Prys, CFA, CPA

Senior Portfolio Manager

Helen Li, CFA

Senior Equity Analyst

Danette Miller, CFA

Senior Equity Analyst

Matt Nahorski

Senior Equity Analyst


Benchmark: Russel 1000 Value
Inception Date: July 1, 2004
Investment Team: Select Equity


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