Non-Profit Organizations

Our Difference

Since our inception over 20 years ago, we have been advising non-profit organizations and take pride in our longstanding industry commitment. Sectors within this industry include:


Senior Living



Our Process

Our clients benefit from a collaborative relationship that addresses—and anticipates—the organization’s needs and objectives. We follow a rigorous and disciplined investment management process that provides a structured approach while allowing for careful customization as your unique needs and situation dictate.

“We recognize that no two organizations are alike and take the time to listen – and to understand – a client’s particular circumstances, goals and aspirations. ”

Craig Vanucci
Managing Director, Sales and Marketing

Marketing & Client Service Team

Matthew O’Neil

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Client Service

Kevin Carlson

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Client Service

Craig Vanucci, CFA

Senior Managing Director,
Marketing & Client Service
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