ZCM Core Taxable Strategy


An actively managed approach to traditional taxable market opportunities in U.S. dollar-denominated government, agency, agency mortgage-backed, corporate, and taxable municipal securities. We evaluate and invest on a risk-disciplined, relative-value approach.

Investment Philosophy

We manage to a clear “no surprises” philosophy that seeks to maximize risk-adjusted fixed income returns. Starting with a thorough understanding of a client’s objective, we seek to control market risk factors (Interest rates and Credit) consistent with goals and exploit excess risk adjusted return through robust proprietary fundamental analysis. We call this our Six-Risk Factor approach.

Portfolio Management

Reid Smith, CFA

Director, Fixed Income Strategies, Senior Portfolio Manager

Daniel Urbanowicz

Director of Fixed Income Strategies, Senior Portfolio Manager

Inception Date: January 1, 2016
Investment Team: Fixed Income Group

ZCM Core Taxable Intermediate
Account Minimum: $1,000,000

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